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Z"This large 3d printer opened up new possibilities for our way of production, making it cost and time effective!"M. Otten - General Manager, Tech Sleeves

The XceL is the biggest printer we have. With the capabilities to make life-size prints at high precision, this machine can make any project possible.


  • Huge building platform; 610 Liters!
  • Perfect Level bed calibration (patented)
  • Cross platform wifi compatible
  • Automatic filament loading and detection


The patented PerfectLevel™ auto calibrating system will save you time and money by efficiently calibrating the printer bed before each use for you. This way you can always rely on your printer to be ready when necessary to create smart 3D printed objects.

Loading filament with the auto load function combined with filament detection, gives this dual extruder 3D printer the brains to know when to stop printing, giving you the time to swap filament.

The WiFi, the storage and the latest software, make the XceL one of the best 3D printer for large models. All the technology that we have available today was transformed and fitted into the best 3D printer features available on the market.

The interaction between the user and the machine takes place through an intuitive touch screen that gives you all the information and parameters. This way you can focus


We have developed new software to improve the workflow of 3D printing on the XceL. Controlling this dual extruder 3d printer is easy. The software can be accessed via WiFi on your phone, tablet and PC. This means that you can upload your print to the XceL and start printing without leaving your seat!

With this intuitive software you can monitor your 3D printed object - you can see in one glance how much filament there is left, how much time is left and pause or resume your print via WiFi. Accessing that one g.code from one machine and moving it to another machine can all be done via any device with WiFi and a browser.

The XceL is one of the largest industrial grade 3D printer models available on the market. With such a large build volume (610 l) and big 3D printed objects, the software has to run smoothly so that the results are as expected.



The XceL is a large 3d printer with a build volume up to 610 L. Its size together with the other main features –  minimum of 10 micron layer resolution, closed environment, dual extrusion - gives you a lot of new opportunities at a new scale.

When prints get this big, printing time will also increase. To stay ahead of the game, and be bigger, but also faster, we have increased the flow of filament of the XceL nozzles. A regular printer would have a flow of around 6 mm3 /second, where de XceL has an impressive flow of 45 mm3 /second.

The Leapfrog XceL 3D printer models are of incredible size and resolution. In order to print so big, the XceL uses PLA filament and the Leapfrogs software features. Used in different environments, the Leapfrog XceL is surely one of the best 3d printer of industrial grade on the market today. It is used for both prototyping and production by our clients that revealed that this machine can easily withstand long working hours without any issues.





The XceL is a dual extrusion 3D printer with a closed environment. The design of this unique and large 3D printer includes a sliding door that easily gives you access to your prints.

A closed environment helps you get much higher quality in your prints by having a constant temperature during the entire process. And with bigger prints, print times do get longer, which means that a closed environment is paramount in getting consistency in your prints.


We have been testing and using the XceL before launching this large 3D printer. Two partners of us (TU Delft and Tech Sleeves) already have been using this machine for their projects, and Tech Sleeves has put the exceptional size into an unique product!

With the XceL they have improved their production and reduced their costs as well. Using 3D printing on this scale also reduces waste and helps their company towards a better future.

Read more about it here.



The Xcel is an exceptional machine with a lot of untapped possibilities. Some thoughts and ideas would work great and some are hard to imagine. We are always available to talk about possible solutions, because we understand that a machine like this requires a different point of view.

Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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Every little detail, yes, really everything


  • Layer height (micron)10 - 600
  • Layer height (micron)10 - 600
  • Positioning precisionDW: 18 microns, H: 10 microns
  • Positioning precisionDW: 0.0007 inch, H: 0.0004 inch
  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm)1.2
  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (IN).047
  • Operation heated bed temperature80 °C
  • Heated printing environmentUp to 80° C
  • Heated printing environmentUp to 176 °F


  • Weight (kg) 200
  • Weight (lbs) 441
  • Body / ConstructionHigh-end engineered construction
  • Printer dimensions DxWxH (mm) 935 x 1033 x 2775
  • Printer dimensions DxWxH (IN)37 x 41 x 109


  • Printing speed (mm/s)
  • Printing speed (IN/s)
  • Max. flow rate (mm³/s) 45
  • Travel speed (mm/s) 180
  • Travel speed (IN/s) 7


  • CE CertifiedYes
  • Dual ExtruderOptional
  • Built-in Webcam
  • Yes


  • Max build volume (liter) 638
  • Max build volume (gall.) 168
  • Max print dimensions single extruder (x,y,z) (mm) 550 x 500 x 2320
  • Max print dimensions single extruder (x,y,z) (IN) 21.6 x 19.7 x 91.3
  • Max print dimensions dual extruder (x,y,z) (mm) -
  • Max print dimensions dual extruder (x,y,z) (IN)


  • Nozzle temperature (up to) 275 °C
  • Nozzle temperature (up to) 527 °F
  • Compatible filaments
  • Leapfrog Maxx Essentials PLA and Leapfrog Maxx Pro PLA





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