Fuel3D SCANIFY Digital Handheld 3D Scanner

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Say hello to SCANIFY

SCANIFY® is the high-speed, high resolution, handheld 3D scanner that allows you to quickly and easily capture 3D models of everyday objects for 3D printing or on-screen applications.

Your 3D world captured with a single click.

Capture your world in three dimensions.

Generate amazing high-resolution 3D models to make incredible designs at home, to share online and integrate into business applications.

3D cropping, editing and exporting made simple.

Fuel3D Studio Starter comes FREE with SCANIFY.

Its easy-to-use interface and quick edit tools mean you go from scan to edit and ready for 3D printing in just 10 minutes!

Simple and sleek design

  • Two 3.5 Megapixel Cameras
  • Three Xenon Flashes
  • Three LED Guide Lights
  • Two Triggers

One-click 3D shape and color

One-click 3D shape and color SCANIFY captures 3D images in an instant, taking just 0.1 seconds to take a single scan from a single viewpoint.

Pre-calibrated with a large scan area

Pre-calibrated with a large scan area SCANIFY has a fixed focus and captures a maximum size of about 40cm/16” diagonal in a single scan.

Full color, high res 3D scans

See for yourself! Take a look at, and download, some of the great scans that our team are taking. Go play …

Fuel3D Studio 2.2

Our exclusive software has been designed to ensure easy capture and manipulation of your high resolution 3D SCANIFY scans. Through multiple download options the extended features have something to offer all 3D enthusiasts from entry level to expert.

Available on Mac and Windows

Measurement tools

Get accurate measurements from your 3D scans. Measurements include: length; contour length; multi-segment length; area; planimetry area.

Stitch your scans together

Much like sewing together two pieces of physical material, the Stitch Tool allows you to join multiple 3D scans to create a complete, 360 degree 3D model.

Remove rough surfaces

The Mesh Smoothing Tool allows you to remove any rough surfaces from your scans, leaving you with a smooth edge.

Make the right choice for your applications.

Objects with the following characteristics generally scan well with SCANIFY: continuous surfaces with smooth curvature; varying color or texture; matte, non-shiny surfaces; opaque finishes.

SCANIFY is great for 3D capture of the human form; fabrics; stone and masonry; wood carvings; sculptures; plants, flowers and other organic objects.

 As with all 3D scanners, there are some scenarios in which SCANIFY will resolve data better than in others. Objects with certain characteristics may not be suitable for scanning, or may require technical workarounds to capture scans successfully. Here’s some further guidance on where SCANIFY might not be suitable:

  • Objects with cavities or protrusions: where the scanner can only image what it ‘sees’ from its view point and cannot capture part of an object that is hidden behind another;
  • Very dark objects: where the object will absorb light from the flashes which lowers the amount of detail;
  • Mono-color objects: with no texture, which do not provide surface information for the scanner to work effectively;
  • Reflective or shiny objects: where light reflects off the surface to prevent accurate surface measurement;
  • Transparent objects: where light transmits through the surface to prevent accurate surface measurement;
  • Objects with sharp edges and corners: where the scanner will trend to smooth objects with geometric features with flat surface and sharp corners.

Fuel3D Studio Software

Fuel3D Studio
Main feature Professional - FREE
Windows version
Mac version
3D image capture
Full & mono color
Integrated viewfinder
License valid on 2 devices
Lighting control
Cloud processing with our latest algorithms Unlimited
Stitching (max no. scans stitched in a file) Unlimited
Automated alignment
Manual alignment
File exporting
File formats STL, PLY, OBJ, 3D PDF
Remeshing tools
Edge smoothing
Extruded volumization
Flat volumization
Hole fixing
Mesh smoothing
Mirrored volumization
Polygon extrusion control
3D PDF export
Measurement tools
Contour length
Multi-segment length
Planimetry area
Offline processing with our latest algorithms Unlimited
Color stitching (Beta)

Hardware requirements

  • Studio Starter: 2GB RAM, Dual Core 32/64bit CPU 1.7Ghz, integrated graphics.
  • Studio Advanced & Professional:
    • Minimum - 10GB of RAM, Quad-core 64bit CPU 2.3GHz, dedicated graphics card.
    • Recommended - 12GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU, 3Ghz, dedicated graphics card.

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